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English - Literature
has novel guides and teaching guides for American, British and multicultural literature, as well as dramas and young adult literature.
Electronic Text Center has links to writings by African-American, female and Native American writers.
has chapter overviews, reviews and quizzes for high school english texts.
has poet bios and a poem-a-day to use in class.
is a free source for more than 100,000 online texts.
resources for understanding high school level literature.
English- Poetry
from the Academy of American Poets, allows you to search for a read thousands on poems on its site.
from former poet laureate Billy Collins, selects a poem for each day of the 180-day school year.
has a search function that makes researching poems and poets easy.
includes information on literary magazines, small presses, job opportunities and grants.
has resources for reading and writing poetry, as well as resources for teaching poetry, researching poets, and understanding genres of poems.
English - Books
aggregates the listings of more than 100,000 online booksellers.
offers free downloadable books formatted for printing or use on iPods, PDAs, or eBook readers.
lists upcoming book fairs and festivals all over the world.
is a British literary magazine that offers select articles from its most recent edition online for free.
find tips on buying or reading books online, and links to book reviews and literary event listings.
English - Shakespeare
provides an outline of his life; coverage of his school years; a discussion of what he looked like, and much more.
has full texts of Shakespeare's plays. It also provides a directory of online resources for analysis of some plays.
a reconstruction of the famed theater where Shakespeare debuted many of his plays.
can show you every instance of a word you search in a Shakespearean work.
will show you more sites that examine william shakespeare's life and works.
offers algebra lesson plans related to linear equations, calendars, factoring, word problems and more.
has quizzes, maze games, number crunchers and an algebraic version of Connect Four.
collects links to mostly free algebra tutorials and lessons.
has algebra lessons on equations, the FOIL method, slope and more.
is a site for pre-algebra, algebra I and algebra II homework help.
has algebra homework help, tips for teaching algebra, and sites to reinforce algebra lessons at home
has lots of worksheets on symmetry, angles and lines, perimeter and trapezoids, and more.
has standards-based lesson plans for specific grades and skills.
is packed with lists of formulas for area, volume and surface area, and circle formulas.
has explanations of geometry concepts and quizzes to test your knowledge.
has all you want to know about triangles.
geometry help, material reivew and exam preparation for students
has standards-based lesson plans for specific grades and skills.
has trigonometry lessons, sample problems and activities.
walks you through trigonometry with basic definitions and functions.
presents easy-to-understand background, applications, functions and formulas of trigonometry.
has many interesting, real- world trigonometry problems for your students to solve.
has plenty of resources to help with trigonometry at home or in the classroom.
is an immense directory of precalculus worksheets, tutorials and activities.
has a comprehensive collection of daily precalculus lesson plans.
offers a catalog of precalculus terms, formulas and functions that can be helpful for studying.
is a collection of precalculus tutorials and thorough explanations of precalculus rules and functions.
has online simulations of precalculus concepts and situations.
links to lots of precalculus resources, including study guides, homework help, and test prep.
provides over 80 teacher-reviewed statistics lessons, interactive tools and other resources.
houses a database of printable statistics worksheets that range in difficulty.
offers an introduction to probability.
provides an overview of elementary concepts in statistics.
provides searchable answers to common statistics questions.
offers additional lesson plans, activities, and test prep material for statistics.
lists ecnomics teaching standards, benchmarks, and has lesson plans to teach them.
is a great resource for teaching kids about investment.
offers games, simulations and activities that make important economics lessons fun.
has seasoned economic expert volunteers who provide fast answers and homework help.
has resources divided by elementary and middle/high school, or search by concept or standard.
has practical resources and real-life projects that make learning economics a breeze.
provides original lessons by science educators in biodiversity, environment, genomics, biotechnology, evolution and more.
is a searchable database of biology images and diagrams.
lets students ask biology questions of scientists.
offers the latest in biology news and developments.
has biology games and quizzes.
biology homework help and reference material, lesson plans and supplemental work to learn biolgoy.
provides teacher-reviewed physics lessons, interactive tools and other resources.
has many interesting, real- world trigonometry problems for your students to solve.
is a great place to discover out-there ideas that rely on physics.
has physics homework help arranged by topic..
offers tutorials for physics topics along with visual demonstrations.
has physics homework help and study guides, as well as extra practice, formulas and demonstrations.
SMILE project has hundreds of chemistry lessons in its Chemistry lesson index.
has all of the elements in the periodic table with the basic info (boiling point, atomic number, density) and the atomic structure of each.
is a full chemistry course online produced by a former professor of chemistry.
provides an overview and classroom activities about quarks, dark matter, antimatter, neutrinos and more.
has chemistry basics, the periodic table of the elements, and information that can help for test review.
chemistry homework help, test prep and online references.
has lesson plans and activities for K-12 students in all subjects.
lists the branches of geography, the tools and methods of geography and the history of geography.
looks at physical geography, its subcategories and its four spheres.
defines cultural and human geography.
has a wide variety of maps and mapping tools.
has lots of resources about physical geography, human geography, early explorers, maps, and more.
U.S. Government
has primary sources such as pictures, artwork and original documents that will get your students thinking like historians.
explains the executive, judicial, and legislative branch of government
is a portal to your state government.
provides primary and supplemental resources for learning about the U.S. Congress.
has information about the function and structure of the supreme court, as well as information about the justices.
has homework help, lesson plans, and supplemental materials for learning about the U.S. Government in the classroom.
World History
offers interesting lessons that are searchable by grade level and subject.
has lesson plans and a wealth of student-generated material that can act as models for your students to follow.
presents hundreds of history timelines categorized into several topics.
connects you to hundreds of documents that present history from a non-Eurocentric viewpoint. .
maintains several great links to world history resources covering all areas of the globe.
has world history study guides, links to original documents, educational activities and much more.
U.S. History
has lesson plans divided by grade level and subject matter to use to teach U.S. history in the classroom.
links to history web resources divided by U.S. time period.
is an invaluable resource for anyone looking for the historic documents that help to illustrate American history.
is an online textbook with an interactive timeline of U.S. history.
an introduction to U.S. history along with information about various periods in U.S. history
History - Anthropology
explains what anthropology is, simply and clearly.
introduces objects and terms associated with the field of anthropology
a group blog written by several anthropologists, offering insight into their work and anthropology news.
has additional sites for students and teachers of anthropology.
Plagiarism Prevention
guides to students and teachers about how to detect and prevent plagiarism in the classroom
gives an overview of source citing, links to great lesson plans and tools to help detect and prevent plagiarism in the classroom
tips on how to cite sources
has tips for teachers on how to prevent plagiarism
provides lots of resources about how to detect and prevent plagiarism and how to cite a source
has instructive articles about how computers work and other subjects relating to computing.
has user forums that are a good place to start for common PC questions.
is a huge database of user-submitted Mac OS X tips.
has lots of online computer tutorials and general guides such as PC troubleshooting.
offers more resources for understanding how computers work, choosing a computer, buying a computer, and learning computer basics.
Learning French
has French worksheets that you can download as PDFs and use as the basis for your own assignments.
provides a collection of French language activities.
has survival French vocabulary with accompanying audio clips, games and quizzes.
provides basic French vocabulary lists, all with accompanying audio files for pronunciation.
is a comprehensive online French course from the University of Texas at Austin.
links to online resources for learning french, lesson plans, audio, and translators.
Learning German
contains a directory of German resources organized by theme and by type of material.
of the University of Minnesota offers several great links to German language resources.
,is the best place to start learning German.
has dozens of beginner and advanced German lessons.
offers resources ranging from basic German language and structure to games and proficiency tests.
has online resources for learning german, lesson plans, audio, and translators.
Learning Spanish
contains a directory of Spanish learning resources.
offers a selection of downloadable Spanish worksheets for beginners.
is a Spanish-to-English dictionary that also has audio pronunciations, and compound word examples.
is an extensive Spanish grammar lesson and exercise site.
offers resources for all levels of Spanish langauge learners. ding a glimpse of history and culture.
has online resources for learning Spanish including lesson plans, audio, and translators.
Learning Latin
offers Latin teaching materials such as handouts and lessons in grammar and vocabulary.
offers information on Latin language, texts and authors, history and culture, and more.
has audio lessons that teach Latin through immersion in speaking and listening.
provides Latin practice conjugation problems with answer sheets.
has a Latin chat section that allows you to practice conversational Latin skills.
has online resources for learning Latin including lesson plans, audio, and translators.
Teaching Web Research
shows you how to credible, accurate, search results when using a search engine.
an exhaustive resource for using search engines, web directories, finding scholarly resources, and much more.
provides this basic guide for parents to ensure that students are using safe Internet practices.
has a slightly more advanced guide to evaluating Web sites.
has a Critical Evaluation Survey for students to complete as they evaluate a Web site.
offers resources to help teach your students how to navigate the web safely and successfully for research.
Applying To College
has basic information about applications, and what to ask when touring a college.
has a College Matching Wizard that helps you figure out what school is right for you.
register for the SAT here or take a practice SAT and get other helpful test-taking tips.
learn how to choose the right college, steps in the application process, and tips for entrance exams and essays.
Online College Courses
is a directory of online colleges and degrees.
has help for college students, whether they attend class on campus or not.
a nonprofit group for distance education.
can help distance learners get financial aid from the government
get help choosing an accredited online course, tips for taking classes online, and information about financial aid for online college courses.
Student Assessment
an overview of student assessment, including what it is and how to do it.
has assessment rubrics for elementary students and middle school/high school students.
has assessment rubrics and visual organizers.
has links to middle school and high school student assessments.
tips and web resources to help teachers evaluate student progress
After-school Programs
offers some practical ideas for getting an after-school program started in your neighborhood.
provides information such as funding and sustainability tips that can be helpful in starting an after-school program.
provides information on obtaining grants for K-12 after-school programs.
features detailed key components in developing an after-school program curriculum.
has many resources for those looking for resources for developing, funding, and training staff for an after-school program.
Test Preparation
offers articles designed to help you get ready for testing season; many of them could be helpful to parents helping their kids, too.
is aimed at preparing students for New York State exams, but is so well organized that even teachers in other states may find it helpful.
provides free ACT preparation tools including practice questions and answers, and testing tips.
has sample SAT questions and info about registering for the SAT and PSAT.
more resources to help prepare students for state exams and college entrance tests.
Collaborative Team Teaching
describes what it takes to create a successful team teaching environment.
is one of the most widely used resources for CTT training and tools.
provides professional development materials for teachers interested in exploring team or co-teaching in their classroom.
hosts the ""Ten Commandments of Team Teaching""
has resources with the basics of collaborative team teaching and how CTT can work in the classroom.
Classroom Management
explains why classroom management is important in creating a learning environment.
find articles on specific topics like behavior management and classroom organization.
offers examples of different types of preventive classroom management methods.
takes you through the steps needed to construct a school-wide behavior management system.
has classroom management tips and resources for teachers, parents, and school professionals
Differentiated Instruction
gives specific examples for teachers to differentiate their instruction through learning environment, content and process.
offers teaching tips to facilitate learning among students.
gives teachers access to differentiated lesson plans, strategies and teaching tools.
offers templates and examples for planning differentiated lessons.
linkst to lots of resources for understanding and implementing differentiated instruction in the classroom.
has a lot of useful information about different kinds of homeschooling and the history of homeschooling.
can help parents find a homeschooling curriculum that meets their child's needs.
is a resource center, made to help both new and experienced homeschoolers.
provides links to homeschool chatrooms and blogs, and suggests other community building resources.
has info about the legal aspects of homeschooling, homeschool teaching and test-prep resources, and online homeschool communities.
English As A Second Language
offers resources for teaching K-12 ESL students.
has quizzes, puzzles and help for ESL teachers.
hosts a chat for ESL teachers that sparks discussion about shared questions and concerns.
has easy-to-use, interactive exercises and quizzes for ESL students of all levels.
provides additional resources for ESL teachers, including lesson plans and information about the TOEFL.
General Teaching Resources
a free collaborative learning tool that helps teachers find the best online resources and share them with students and colleagues.
is designed to help teachers use technology in the classroom, and Google applications in particular.
From the Information Institute of Syracuse, is a directory of everything education.
is involved in encouraging educators to discuss and improve public education.
a list of web sites to help educators connect with other teachers, create lesson plans, find education news, and continue professional development.
Learning Disabilities
has advice for dealing with learning disabilities in the home and at school.
provides advice on successfully adapting the learning style of someone living with a learning disability
has handy overviews of the technologies available to assist students and teachers dealing with learning disabilities.
offers an in-depth look at Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for students with learning disabilities.
has lots more resources for students, parents and teachers dealing with learning disabilities
provides an overview of autism and Asperger's syndrome and can put you in touch with local resources.
is useful for parents or educators looking to increase their knowledge about special education regulations.
discusses special education and how to improve the school experience for a child with autism.
has more resources for students, parents, and teachers dealing with autism.
Information about signs and symptoms of ADD/ADHD and links to resources for parents and students with ADD or ADHD
has articles to help you craft a curriculum catered to ADHD students.
has strategies tips about classroom structure, interaction that can help students with ADHD succeed.
a web guide devoted to helping teachers adapt strategies to better serve students with ADD/ADHD

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