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SweetSites » Middle School Students

has help with punctuation, paragraph development, essay organization and much more.
is packed with thousands of books, short stories and articles for middle schoolers.
can help you find the right book to check out from the library by grade, reading level and interest.
offers lots of games and activities that you can do at home to improve your reading and language arts skills
has a list of fun game and activity sites for a little extra grammar and reading practice.
lists many more middle school english resources for students, teachers, and parents.
has definitions of math terms along with examples.
can help with conversions such as kilograms to pounds, miles to kilometers, and more.
has calculators for graphing, calculating quadratic equations and compound interest and much more.
is packed with lists of formulas for area, volume and surface area, and circle formulas.
has math tutorials, homework help, and math worksheets for practice.
lists lots of middle school math resources for students or teachers, along with online reference material for parents to help kids with math work at home.
Social Studies
has maps, important documents, information about cities, government structure and funny laws.
has biographies of noteworthy people and history and geography resources.
has a rotating selection of online exhibits and social studies quizzes and games.
offers several challenging and fun games test your understanding of social studies topics.
lists additional social studies web resources for help with social studies topics in and out of the classroom
lists the branches of geography, the tools and methods of geography and the history of geography.
looks at physical geography, its subcategories and its four spheres.
defines cultural and human geography.
has a wide variety of maps and mapping tools.
lets you test your geography knowledge with online trivia quizzes sorted by continent and topic.
has lots of resources about physical geography, human geography, early explorers, maps, and more.
Web Research
has a detailed explanation of how search engines work, using helpful graphics to make the concepts clear.
has a slightly more advanced guide to evaluating Web sites.
walks you through the research process and has links to sites with information about each step.
shows you how to credible, accurate, search results when using a search engine.
an exhaustive resource for using search engines, web directories, finding scholarly resources, and much more.
offers tips on using search engines, evaluating web site credibility, and starting a research project.
has interactive experiments, virtual field trips, and problem-solving games.
has activities, FAQs, quizzes, and a glossary.
has a large section on different animal species, featuring pictures and biological information.
feature simple but thorough tutorials on many specific science topics.
gives a simple introduction to the definitions and laws of physics.
has many resources for science beginners or more advanced science enthusiasts.
U.S. History
links to history web resources divided by U.S. time period.
has special features, like the Photo of the Week; movie reviews of films with historical implications, and This Month in History.
is an online textbook with an interactive timeline of U.S. history.
is an invaluable resource for anyone looking for the historic documents that help to illustrate American history.
an introduction to U.S. history along with information about various periods in U.S. history
English - Citing Sources
an automatic citation builder that can help you avoid plagiarism
aimed at a college level, includes information on how to avoid accidental plagiarism
an overview of the types of citations and how to correctly cite your research.
gives an overview of source citing, links to great lesson plans and tools to help detect and prevent plagiarism in the classroom
English - Books
aggregates the listings of more than 100,000 online booksellers.
offers free downloadable books formatted for printing or use on iPods, PDAs, or eBook readers.
lists upcoming book fairs and festivals all over the world.
is a British literary magazine that offers select articles from its most recent edition online for free.
find tips on buying or reading books online, and links to book reviews and literary event listings.
English- Poetry
from the Academy of American Poets, allows you to search for a read thousands on poems on its site.
has a search function that makes researching poems and poets easy.
includes information on literary magazines, small presses, job opportunities and grants.
has resources for reading and writing poetry, as well as resources for teaching poetry, researching poets, and understanding genres of poems.
English - Shakespeare
provides an outline of his life; coverage of his school years; a discussion of what he looked like, and much more.
has full texts of Shakespeare's plays. It also provides a directory of online resources for analysis of some plays.
a reconstruction of the famed theater where Shakespeare debuted many of his plays.
can show you every instance of a word you search in a Shakespearean work.
will show you more sites that examine william shakespeare's life and works.
has instructive articles about how computers work and other subjects relating to computing.
has user forums that are a good place to start for common PC questions.
is a huge database of user-submitted Mac OS X tips.
has lots of online computer tutorials and general guides such as PC troubleshooting.
offers more resources for understanding how computers work, choosing a computer, buying a computer, and learning computer basics.
Learning French
has survival French vocabulary with accompanying audio clips, games and quizzes.
provides basic French vocabulary lists, all with accompanying audio files for pronunciation.
is a comprehensive online French course from the University of Texas at Austin.
provides a collection of French language activities.
has French worksheets that you can download as PDFs and use as the basis for your own assignments.
links to online resources for learning french, lesson plans, audio, and translators.
Learning Spanish
is a Spanish-to-English dictionary that also has audio pronunciations, and compound word examples.
is an extensive Spanish grammar lesson and exercise site.
provides short, basic conversational lessons for Spanish learners.
offers resources for all levels of Spanish langauge learners. ding a glimpse of history and culture.
has Spanish exercises that can be completed online or used as a structure for written work.
has online resources for learning Spanish including lesson plans, audio, and translators.
Learning German
,is the best place to start learning German.
has dozens of beginner and advanced German lessons.
offers resources ranging from basic German language and structure to games and proficiency tests.
provides interactive games that test German vocabulary and phrase recognition using audio and video.
allows you to search for specific study abroad programs for German language emersion.
has online resources for learning german, lesson plans, audio, and translators.
Learning Latin
offers a simple tutorial to learning the Latin language intuitively, with less emphasis on grammar or rules.
has audio lessons that teach Latin through immersion in speaking and listening.
is a collection of original resources and links to outside resources, compiled by a Latin teacher.
provides Latin practice conjugation problems with answer sheets.
has a Latin chat section that allows you to practice conversational Latin skills.
has online resources for learning Latin including lesson plans, audio, and translators.
After-school Programs
has more than 4,000 programs around the country
has a learn-by-doing approach that engages in local, civic and career-related activities to provide a real-world perspective to education.
offers multiple programs including recreation activities, academic enrichment, community engagement and leadership programs.
offers some practical ideas for getting an after-school program started in your neighborhood.
has many resources for those looking for resources for developing, funding, and training staff for an after-school program.

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